What is Field Archery

The main purpose of field archery is to simulate hunting, as carried out many years ago to survive. Nowadays hunting with a bow and arrow is illegal in the UK. For Muttley Crew Archers, it is all about enjoying the sport and having fun, at the same time as competing against archers in the same class and style.

The difference between Field Archery and Target archery that you see in the Olympics, is that target archery is normally carried out on level ground and at set known distances, whereas field archery is usually in woodland, with variable terrain, and at differing, unknown distances, amongst plenty of shrubbery and trees to distract you.

National Field Archery Association (NFAS) competitions

Within the NFAS, members regularly attend open shoot competitions, held on most Sundays all around the country, these shoots may vary from being all 3D full size animal targets, paper face targets, or even homemade novelty targets based on specific themes.

When attending and competing in NFAS open shoots, competitors usually shoot in group sizes up to a maximum of five archers, all five may be shooting in different styles, or the same style. Each group of archers start to shoot from different targets and follow each group around the course, very similar to Golfers. At the end of a day’s shooting, each styles cards are grouped together, the scores checked and the winners allocated their relevant finishing position. Medals or Trophies are handed out to those with the best scores.

The NFAS hold annual championship competitions, one for 3D targets only and one for mixed big game which consists of a 3D course and a paper face course.

Within the catchment area of Muttley Crew Archers, the Lancashire League competitions are held. Muttley Crew Archers are participating members of this league which consists of approximately 10 to 12 other archery clubs. Each club hold a shoot on a monthly basis, with the styles reduced to wooden arrows, metal arrows and sighted archers. The scores are collated over the 12 month period and the results and prizes given at the final shoot.

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In the United Kingdom the NFAS (National Field Archery Society) sets the rules for many shoots including Big Game and 3D shoots. Most of these consist of 36 or 40 targets or 2×20 targets. The NFAS is not affiliated to any international organisation.

The information in this section is taken from the NFAS Rules of Shooting.

The most common NFAS rounds have a “walk-up” format where the archer starts at the furthest peg from the target and proceeds to nearer pegs if necessary.

The first arrow is shot from the red peg (or sometimes wasp peg for compound). A hit in the kill zone scores 20 points (sometimes 24 if an inner kill zone is being used). A hit in the wound zone (anywhere outside the kill zone but not on antlers or base, or within wound lines on 2D targets) scores 16 points.

If the scoring area is not hit with the first arrow the archer will proceed to the white peg for his/her second shot. A kill scores 14 points. A wound scores 10 points.

If a third shot is needed the archer will proceed to the blue peg. A kill scores 8 points. A wound scores 4 points.

If all 3 arrows miss the scoring zones the archer must stop shooting and a zero is scored for that target.

Juniors 12-14 and 15-16 must shoot blue, yellow, yellow and white, blue, blue respectively.

Cubs (under 12) shoot all their arrows from the closest yellow peg.

All archers attending these shots must carry a valid NFAS card in order to shoot.

There are multiple classes including compound limited, compound unlimited, bowhunter, barebow, freestyle, crossbow, hunting tackle, American flatbow and longbow. The traditional class is also accepted at some shoots.

The information in this section is taken from the NFAS website, sections About the NFAS and NFAS The Rules.

As part of the Constitution of the National Field Archery Society, an annual championship shall be held, open to members.

The NFAS hold shoots throughout the year and all over the country. They currently (2012) hold three championships, open to eligible members.

Scottish Champs – Easter Weekend

3D Championships – Bank Holiday weekend, end of May

National Champs – 3rd weekend in September

To be eligible to shoot a Championships, NFAS members must have competed in three open shoots in the bow style that they wish to shoot, or a previous Championships and existing members must have renewed their membership by the 31st of March.

Beginners Guide to Field Archery