Open Shoots

If you are attending an Open Shoot hosted by Muttley Crew Archers then please contact the club via email: [email protected] to book your place. Our shoot venue and registration is at Prescot & Odyssey Cricket Club, Burrows Lane, Prescot L35 6JW.

Our Open Shoot as the name suggests, is a competition open to all NFAS members throughout the country and further afield. The shoots consist of 20 to 40 targets, set out around an organised course consisting of full size 3D rubber animal targets or on occassion 2D animal face targets. Each target is shot by groups of archers, each group consisting of a maximum of 5 archers per group. It is a full day event and our club provides food and refreshment on site. At the end of the shoot, scores are calculated and medals awarded for the winners in each class of shooting style, of which there are many. The day concludes with everyone having had a great day out with like-minded friends.