FAQ item one

How much does it cost ?

Monthly fees:

Adult £10.00.  Under 16’s £5.00.  Family £20.00 up to 2 adults & 2 children (fees are subject to change; please contact the club for more details)

The fees above are for full unrestricted use of the woods and the three indoor evenings.

Monthly fee’s are paid by direct debit/standing order only.

FAQ item two

Are there any age restrictions ?

7 Years and upward is the preference, however, 6 years up would be subject to consideration by the coach.

FAQ item three

Do I need to attend and stay with my child during training sessions ?

Yes, especially for those under 12 years of age.

FAQ item four

What do we wear?

Close fitting casual clothing is preferred.  Loose baggy tops are best avoided, along with chains, bracelets and dangly earings. Long hair may be best in a pony tail or secured under a brimless hat.

When shooting outdoors in woodland, shorts are best avoided to prevent nettling, cuts and bites. It is important to check the local weather forecasts and ensure you bring adequate waterproof clothing. Maybe a change of clothing for driving home in, and in the summer don’t forget the suncream.

FAQ item five

Can I use my own equipment at training sessions ?

Your own equipment can be brought along for a safety and suitability inspection by the coach, however we supply training bows as a preference to be used.

FAQ item six

Can visitors attend my training session ?

Yes, but we ask for that to be limited to 2 parents or 1 friend, this is for safety reasons and to avoid distraction during the sessions.